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InterFlight Studio has many corporate and private clients enjoying our unique aviation inspired sculptures and fine art.  

International Air Transport Association (IATA)'s Peter Cerda presented Avianca's Anko van der Werff a special token for their 100 year anniversary celebration

Norwegian CEO, Bjorn Kjos, receives IFS Propeller Sculpture Award. He joins a group of select airline CEO's to receive this amazing Award.

Fontainebleau Aviation acquires unique center-piece table made with original aircraft parts and center painting for the reception area at Opa Locka Executive Airport in Florida

A long time IFS client, IATA recently selected IFS designed Propeller Sculptures for CEO Awards.

Acclaimed Designer Michael Dawkins Home Presents to clients a gorgeous Flight Studio Propeller Blade Sculpture

Air Charter Service

Metro One, Real Estate, selects IFS for a display area at their headquarters in Miami, Florida

Museo Vault Miami, selects IFS for an exclusive display of functional art pieces.

National Jets Inc. purchases original Desiree Bordes painting for the reception at headquarters in Florida

Banyan Air Service selects IFS for an exclusive display of Aircraft Functional Art for their Headquarters in Florida

Greater Miami Aviation Association, 2012 Auction

Goyanes Residence Miami, Florida USA Douglas Super DC-3 Propeller Blade

Flight Studio Design Iconic Aircraft Propeller Lamp Scultptures By David Gale Douglas DC-3 and Lockheed Super Constellation As displayed in John Travolta’s Air Ranch-Home in Florida

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