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Oscar Garcia talks about the making of InterFlight Studio, the only gallery in the world representing contemporary artists inspired by aviation and aerospace.

InterFlight Studio in Aviation Week "Furniture Created From Aviation Parts" by Jen Deglmann

May 2016

InterFlight Studio creates beautiful Propeller Award for Greater Rockford Airport Authority

November, 2014

The Rockford Award, for the first time this year, will be presented to a celebrated airline CEO at an event later this month. We will post photos soon!

InterFlight Studio takes Flight to Dania Beach; Art Show at THE GALLERY OF AMAZING THINGS

July 2013

InterFlight Studio is proud to showcase some of their brilliant furniture pieces at the Gallery of Amazing Things in Dania Beach FL.  The full magnificence of these one of a kind art pieces can be appreciated and admired by many people in this unique space.  Accompanying InterFlight Studio is a number of exquisite art and design pieces 

Flight Studio Exclusively Adds fine Aerospace Designer Peter Valentino

April 2013

Flight Studio is proud to add world renowned Fine Aerospace Art Designer Peter Valentino to its selected group of designers. “ Peter is without a doubt our most enigmatic, yet talented fine aerospace designer. “ Oscar Garcia, IFS Chairman stated “ We are proud to work with and represent Peter Valentino. He not only produces .

IFS Presents Contemporary Artist Richard Kai (Testsuya Ueda) and his Unique Cockpit Art Collection

April 2013

Flight Studio Gallery will represent this unique and endearing contemporary artist from Japan. Kai’s treatment of the cockpit theme is a contemporary approach, surreal, yet naïve and realist at the same time.

February 2013

ERAU’s college of Arts and Letters will host an event to introduce faculty, alumni, staff and guests to the theme of contemporary aerospace-space and aviation art. The event at the College of Aviation atrium will be hosted by Neo Pop renowned

Flight Studio Presents Concorde Exhibit During Miami Art Basel 2012

December 2012

Flight Studio Gallery presented the Concorde-Après 10 Annes- After 10Years (2003-2012) exhibit to the Art Basel visiting public. This assemblage of paintings, photographs and a painted scaled Concorde aircraft, celebrating 10 years since the last Concorde aircraft flew. Works on display are listed below and include photographs by Marylin Szabo, 

Flight Studio will present at Art Basel Miami, two of the world’s most important Aerospace Design Pieces

November 2012

Flight Studio Design is proud to exclusively represent two of the world’s leading fine design modern and contemporary aerospace artists. Their pieces, il Primo Wing Desk, from an iconic 1950’s Fairchild Flying Boxcar aircraft and the F-4 Phantom Bar installation. The 

IFS Welcomes Claudio Perez-Leon as a Sr. Executive Art Director

September 2012

Claudio brings to IFS’s institutional clients a wealth of possibilities for their art and design projects at the highest levels. Our most distinguished clients will have Claudio as their expert with decades of experience assisting public, private, charity and non government organizations with their displays, public 

Flight Studio Design Premiers World’s Most exclusive Aerospace Design Functional Installation: The F-4 Phantom Bar

September 2012

Flight Studio Design and Gallery are proud to present what is possibly the world’s most remarkable aerospace art installation, the F-4 Phantom Bar.

A one of a kind creation, this piece brings aerospace functional art to a new height. Inter Flight Studio (IFS) represents this piece from artist Peter Valentino as a collaboration to 

Flight Studio Gallery + Design Auctions Erik Lindbergh, Perez-Melero and David Gale Pieces at GMAA Gala

September 2012

At the 2012 illustrious Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA) 85th Yearly Gala, honoring Fred Smith, Founder of FedEx and Alex de Gunten, Managing Director of the Latin American Air Transport Association. Flight Studio will auction emblematic aviation and flights inspired pieces from iconic artists. The proceeds will be donated to the GMAA 

Carlos Hoyos Aviation Photos Exhibited at Corporate Client Exactor Space in downtown Miami

August 2012

InterFlight Studio is pleased to announce Carlos Hoyos’ innovative and stylistic photographs as the premiere designs of Exactor’s Miami office suite. Through the use of creative and highly methodical artistic depth, Hoyos fashions photographs reflecting the beauty

Flight Studio Propeller Blade Sculpture Master Pieces Value Appreciation

August 2012

Flight Studio’s elegant Sculptural Propeller Blades have become a collectable modern and contemporary design item for collectors, decorators and private individuals and corporations worldwide. “ The aircraft propeller blade is in itself refined symbol of human flight. The blades curves, stance, weight and precise design evoke feelings of motion, soaring and 

Google Celebrates Amelia Earhart’s Spirit of Flight and Adventure, IFS Releases TV Interview Video on Amelia Earhart’s Movie Art of Flight

August 2012

Flight Studio Founder and Chairman, Oscar S. Garcia celebrates the spirit of flight, travel and adventure through Amelia Earhart’s life,accomplishments and all the artistic expressions that it has created. “Amelia Earhart’s spirit, inspiration and “energie de vivre” have been Channeled in all artistic mediums; sculpture, photography, music, film and paintings. “Oscar 

Acclaimed Designer Michael Dawkins Home Presents to clients a gorgeous Flight Studio Propeller Blade Sculpture

June 2012

We are very pleased to have purveyed this remarkable piece for Michael Dawkins. This propeller blade is an object of beauty.

IFS presents Il Primo wing sculpture-functional art to collectors, one of the world’s most valuable aircraft design pieces, by award winning designer Giancarlo de Astis

March 2012

This is the only original, new condition, Il Primo in existence. Belonging to a limited series of eight currently held in private collections worldwide. The piece portrays De Astis impeccable design, unequivocal signature blend of solid mahogany wood and aircraft aluminum alloy prime metal. The piece is sculptural, yet functional, with a custom glass top 

PanAm TV Series Captain Wears Flight Studio Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

February 2012

The Randolph Aviator’s are the original equipment for flight professionals, past, present and future. Mike Vogel, as Captain Dean, commands a Boeing 707 jetliner in the fascinating American ABC TV series that is captivating worldwide audiences. The Boeing 707 is portrayed as the classic airborne platform for romance, adventure and 

Air Charter Services Chooses Flight Studio for second Interior Design Flight inspired collection (London and Dubai)

February 2012

After delivering on a multi media fine art and design suite of high end pieces in Air Charter Services ( ) London Headquarters, Flight Studio was again selected for a design project in the Group’s Dubai office. The unique and functional fine design La Piccola Stella, designed and crafted by Smithsonian awardee, 

Tatiana Fernandez owner of renowned fine art Mundo Gallery ventures into a contemporary display of aerospace design art pieces in collaboration with InterFlight Studio Design.

February 2012

Tatiana Fernandez owner of  renowned fine art Mundo Gallery ventures into a contemporary display of aerospace design art pieces in collaboration with InterFlight Studio Design. “ The DC-10 Bench by Facundo Poj is certainly a landmark in contemporary design with a function. Facundo is on of the reference designers in this 

The Whitley Collection and Flight Studio Gallery and Design Collaboration in Palm Beach Art and Design Shows

February 2012

Yvette Garcia, CEO of Flight Studio Gallery and Design and Arron Rimpley, Owner of the Whitley Collection launched a collaboration to exhibit Flight Studio Design unique and highly collectable aerospace fine design pieces. “ We started our cooperation in late 2011 as Arron invested in some of our American designer functional design pieces

IFS Propeller Sculptures Gain Acclaim From Collectors and Exhibitors

February 2012

Recent sales of Flight Studio Design extraordinary Propeller Sculptures to collectors in the USA, Europe and Asia have triggered collaborations with top exhibitors and galleries such as the Whitley Collection. The sculptures have taken the form of multiple blade installations, even a forest of Propeller Sculptures. The "iconic" aircraft provenance 

InterFlight Global and Studio to host Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Alumni Association Event.

November 2011

InterFlight Global and Studio to host Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Alumni Association Event. Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and Michele Berg, Executive Director of Alumni Relations will co –host a gathering of ERAU South Florida Alumni Chapter to discuss future plans and share about the University’s recent developments. “ Hosting 

Fight Studio Gallery + Design AutoPilot Magazine Article , ready for Art Basel

November 2011

In an inspirational article by Albert Opraseuth, innovative aerospace magazine The AutoPilot, focused on Flight Studio’s aerospace and flight inspired artists and mission to harness this very exciting and  emerging contemporary art movement. Artists featured and quoted, Mike Tesch, PilotO and Erik Lindbergh, will have their work 

Inter Flight Studio’s Chairman, Oscar S. Garcia, publishes article on WINGS-GMAA about Contemporary Aerospace Art and Design

November 2011

Inter Flight Studio’s  Chairman, Oscar S. Garcia, publishes article on WINGS-GMAA about  Contemporary Aerospace Art and Design. Coinciding with Art Basel Miami openings, the article sheds light on the parallels amongst Aviation and Aerospace artistic, technical and business developments.RichText.

Ultra Private Aircraft Terminal Turnberry Aviation Selects Flight Studio Design and Gallery Collection

September 2011

Turnberry Aviation selected fine aviation art and design pieces from acclaimed Italian Master Giancarlo D'Astis to decorate its Miami private aviation airport lobby spaces.

Flight Studio Gallery delivers suite of design and fine art pieces to Air Charter Service in the UK

September 2011

Flight Studio Gallery delivers suite of design and fine art pieces to Air Charter Service in the UK

FlightStudio’s Randolph Engineering authentic Aviator sunglasses are featured by Jon Hamm of Mad Men.

September 2011

FlightStudio’s  Randolph Engineering authentic Aviator sunglasses are featured by Jon Hamm of Mad Men. IFG is once more featured as eBay reseller of choice for these unique shades which are once more chosen by another celebrity adding to Tom Cruise, John Travolta and 

“A Collage of Flight Artists”


Group Exhibition by FlightStudio Gallery Artists
PilotO, Desiree Bordes, Mike Tesch, Jo-Ann Lizio,
Herve Alexandre & Bernardo Medina
Art Basel Miami 2009

FLY AWAY Exhibition

October 2009

Wynwood Art District - Second Saturday Gallery Walk
October 10th , 2009 

IFS to host Embry-Riddle University Alumni Gathering in Miami

February 2009

IFS to host Embry-Riddle University Alumni Gathering in Miami

InterFlight Studio Gallery February Opening Event-Private Wing Show

February 2009

InterFlight Studio Gallery February Opening Event-Private Wing Show

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