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Oscar & Yvette Garcia


Yvette and Oscar Garcia have been inspired by the magic of flight since their early childhood. Meeting aboard a 747 aircraft, Oscar as a Pilot and Yvette as an adventurous globe trotting passenger.


Since then, they have lived a flying life-love story immersed in the world of flight, fuelling  their creativity and supported their joint work as designers and artists for more than  a decade.


Through their designs, Oscar and Yvette address the fundamental attributes of mankind’s possibilities through the magic of flight.


Their designs evoke and reflect, elegantly, the intelligent, creative, artistic and humanitarian dimensions of flight, in all their splendour.


“Our artist and designer vision is twofold, first to create and deliver unique items that embody the “art of flight” and give a sense of infinite space, time, peace and freedom. And second, to place our designs in spaces that allow the collectors, owners or viewers to share in the emotions and inspiration of flight”. Yvette Garcia states


We offer to our clients, private, public and corporate the opportunity to acquire and collect our art creations, designs, artefacts and objects and to  inspire them to be conscious, to look above, beyond and to marvel about flight, and the infinite sky and space around us.


About Oscar                                                                                                           

Oscar is a unique aviation artist, with a piloting, strong science and business backgrounds. Oscar reconnected with his childhood passion for drawing and painting after more than twenty years, and meeting Yvette flying as a pilot on a Boeing 747 aircraft.


Oscar’s aerospace bound life story details are intriguing and engaging. Starting his craft at a very early age, he was known for selling self-adhesive photo collages to his peers in primary schools to decorate their school books, motor scooters and even room wallpapers. Model airplanes, sketches and early day canvases, often given as gifts to aspiring aviators and charities are scattered around the world.


Oscar’s work is unique, simple, yet powerful paintings, painted model aircraft and aircraft three dimensional collage compositions and assemblages.


About Yvette


Yvette’s art education started at a young age in The Netherlands. Through her upbringing in Asia and travel experiences, her style matured and evolved into a multi culturally reflection on the aesthetics of life, flight, love and family.  She uses a rich variety of objects, animals, planets, aircraft and birds which merge into backgrounds and sculptural arrangements that are simple yet powerfully appealing to the senses. Yvette’s creations reflect  and propose that soaring above, taking flight anywhere, could very well  be the driving force of love and harmony everywhere in the world ,and the universe.

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